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Category: Objects
Jasim Table Created: 2020-06-29 Downloads: 2,058 Download

Jasim Table, 23 Switches

Jasim Chair Created: 2020-06-29 Downloads: 1,511 Download

Jasim Chair, 20 swatches

Langon Set Bed Created: 2020-05-25 Downloads: 27,990 Download

Langon Set Bed is composed by three meshes: Bed, Cushion and Blanket.
Bed, 12 swatches
Cushions: 16 swatches
Blanket:  24 swatches

Macramè Wall Deco Created: 2020-04-19 Downloads: 9,645 Download

Macramè Wall Deco, 14 swatches. 
Hq Textures.

HangChair Vigo Created: 2020-04-01 Downloads: 54,075 Download

HangChair Vigo. 22 swatches 
Low Poly Version, here

[SeN4] Juneda Set Created: 2020-03-07 Downloads: 17,207 Download

Juneda Set  is composed by three new meshes: bed, blanket and Bedside Table.

Ellen Set Created: 2020-02-14 Downloads: 7,250 Download

Ellen set is composed by two mesh: Ellen Chair ( conversion sims 3 ) and table. Coffee table not included.
20 swatches.

Coffee Table Augusta MESH Created: 2020-02-14 Downloads: 7,600 Download

Coffee Table Augusta MESH, 21 swatches

Set Milas - Modular Sofa - Velvet RECOLOR Created: 2019-12-27 Downloads: 5,983 Download

Set Milas - Modular Sofa - Velvet  RECOLOR. Need MESH here.  12 velvet swatches

Set Milas - Modular Sofa MESH Created: 2019-12-27 Downloads: 14,863 Download

Set Milas - Modular Sofa MESH. 8 new meshes, 4 swatches.