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Pattern 8 Created: 2009-Oct-17 Downloads: 3668 Download

One pattern stripes for your sims 3!         -
Pattern 3 Created: 2009-Oct-17 Downloads: 6675 Download

New pack of pattern: a floreal pattern and green texture patterm. Enjoy!
Pattern 2 Created: 2009-Oct-17 Downloads: 5511 Download

The zip contain two new pattern, black and green stripes. For your new sims 3!
Pattern 1 Created: 2009-Oct-17 Downloads: 6368 Download

The Sims 3 is just out and Simenapule offers you his first downloads.
Two custom patterns for editing what you prefer in "The Sims 3" game (objects, dresses, etc).
To use the custom stuff created by Simenapule and other sims sites you have to read this simple tutorial.
As Soon as possible Simenapule will open a section for the Sims 3 downloads.
Stay tuned!
Special thanks goes to HystericalParoxysm that make possible the creation of this free downloads.

Written on 01/11/2018, 22:34 by Ronja
Simenapule update with new two beards :)You can find these in The Sims 4/Beards.    
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